Young Ke

I was born and grew up in Beijing, China. Pictured is me drinking a Yanjing beer. It was good, and I was impressed. Although it seems like I was left unsupervised, whoever took that picture definitely knew what I was doing. I think it was my dad. Time has passed and a person changes; I am now significantly less enthusiastic about beer.

Apart from doing philosophy, I watch a lot of films. John Cassavetes remains my favorite filmmaker whose work makes my heart murmur and shiver the most. I also love reading fiction. I’ve been on a mission to finish Proust’s In Search of Lost Time so that I can get a closer glimpse of the curious, sophisticated and forever mysterious mind of filmmaker Chantal Akerman. She loved Proust and made a beautifully eerie film adapted from his The Captive. Before I finish the whole thing, I’m withholding my suspicion that Proust might be the John Mayer in his time.

I’m also extremely good at recognizing people’s faces/partial facial features, remembering their speaking voices/tones, and picking up patterns in the way they walk. I reckon this probably will never help me with doing philosophy, but I think this personal information should be in the public domain.